"The National Arts Marketing Project afforded us the opportunity to develop something we probably wouldn't have done--a two-year strategic  marketing plan. They gave us the training, template and tools (not to mention a fabulous coach and a deadline) necessary to do a thorough assessment of our situation and develop the goals, strategies, tactics and action plan to increase our audience and deepen our relationship with them. As we have begun to implement the plan, it is clear we are working smarter because we are grounded in a common vocabulary and clear sense of our challenge. We implemented our plan for our first production of the season and it has become our highest attended in our 13-year history."

Kimberly Motes, Managing Director, Theater Latté Da, Minneapolis

“The NAMP staff made putting on our Columbus Arts Marketing Association conference easy. They quickly addressed my questions and concerns, and anticipated other needs. They suggested our speaker, Ron Evans, who did an outstanding job at presenting current, relevant information that provided value to our 80 attendees. Ron was informative, good at involving the audience and good at reading an audience.”

Claudia Plumley, Communications Manager, Experience Columbus, Columbus, OH

"My organization hosted a NAMP Advanced Marketing Boot Camp in 2009. The course material was relevant, fresh, unique, and presented in a fun and interesting manner by a variety of diverse speakers and Americans for the Arts employees. The overall experience was AMAZING and I HIGHLY recommend anyone in the arts marketing field immediately sign up for a National Arts Marketing Project workshop!"

—Kevin Seaman, Program Assistant, Arts and Culture, The San Fransisco Foundation, San Francisco
"The National Arts Marketing Project has had a profound impact on our organization. As one of 17 arts groups selected to participate in the Advanced Training of NAMP, City Theatre benefited from the training and tools to develop a comprehensive marketing plan. Empowered by this process, City Theatre been set upon a path to know who were are, our mission, where we are going and how we will get there."

—Stephanie Norman, Executive Director, City Theatre, Miami
"Kivi was very interesting and funny, she knows her stuff, and gave us really easy, useful stuff that we can implement right away."

—Workshop attendee at Online Marketing: Building Blocks for Success, Arts & Science Council of Charlotte
"The NYSCA-funded art marketing workshops provided by the National Arts Marketing Project are vital to helping our constituents learn how to manage and promote their projects. NAMP workshops present professional information in an accessible manner on a local level."

—Connie Fredericks-Malone, Executive Director, Finger Lakes Arts Grants and Services, Inc., Geneva, NY
"The National Arts Marketing Project ‘crash course’ received unanimous raves from those conference attendees who responded. One manager wrote, “I have returned to my home theatre so invigorated and with tools I never imagined I had. It felt like those moments in acting school when you a had a breakthrough…"

—Ben Cameron, Program Director for the Arts, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
"We were thrilled with the attendance to the workshop--nearly 70--and with positive feedback received. You will be pleased to learn that over 98 percent of the attendees found you to be a knowledgeable speaker and effective communicator. Overall, 84 percent of the attendees rated the workshop as either above average or excellent…I am certain that as time passes we’ll see some very positive developments in Houston’s local arts organizations marketing attempts."

—María Muñoz-Blanco, Executive Director, Cultural Arts Council of Houston and Harris County

The one-on-one coaching [at the NAMP Conference] I did with Surale Phillips was invaluable. It was imperative that the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra learn how to collect and deliver new impact data to our united arts fund and she really helped to get us on our way. Just working with our small staff to understand the new application language was enormously helpful. She even gave us survey samples to get us started! 

- Angela M. Williamson, General Manager, Kentucky Symphony Orchestra.

"I can categorically say that it was the best conference I have ever had the pleasure to attend! I learned SO much, met incredible people, and had a ton of fun to boot!"

-Rachel Ciprotti, Director of Community Engagement, Georgia Symphony